Do You Have The Necessary Capabilities To Reach Your Goals?
Dr. Yoho wants you to reach your full potential. Comprehensive assessment, proper education and a progressive plan can help you reach your full potential.

How to Develop a More Skilled and More Resilient Human

Skill Assessment
What are the demands of your sport or activity? How well do you perform those demands?
Skill Awareness
Education & therapy to help your brain understand the skill at hand.
Skill Acquisition
Taking your new found Awareness and training this skill in a more isolated exercise.
Skill Application
Where we take your newly acquired skill and apply it in a more complex exercise that is more complex, integrates other skills and looks more familiar to the athlete.
Skill Strengthening
Where we take your skill application and program for the needs of your sport to improve your resilience and performance.
Meet Dr. Yoho

Dr. Yoho has a long history of competing in swimming and triathlon.

This led to coaching with the women's swim team at Texas A&M where his fascination with technique and biomechanics grew.

This curiosity led him to chiropractic school and hundreds of hours of continuing education to learn how to improve movement, not just for pain reduction but also to improve movement efficiency and resilience.

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Chiropractors Help You Feel Healthier And Stronger For Longer

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Whether you are in Pain or want to focus on improving Performance, at P2P Athletics, we have you covered.

Dr. Keith Yoho is an incredible practitioner.
I have gone to several chiropractors who will adjust my back but Dr. Yoho got to the root of my problem which was more muscular in nature. He had me do several specific exercises that addressed my pain. I would recommend him to my closest friends and family and you should too.

- Zachary G.

Dr. Keith completely changed my perspective on the practice.
Dr. Keith doctor completely changed my perspective on the practice. Keith taught me how to counteract the negative things I do to my body working on a farm. He taught me corrective exercises, ones that retrain my muscle memory to use my body the right way. I have gone weeks now without a "bad day". When I first got to chiro, I was lucky if I had 2 days a week without pain. I am a believer in this practice thanks to Dr Yoho. I use his exercises everyday still!


- Shayna R.

Dr. Keith Yoho is kind, knowledgeable, and skilled.
His approach seems to be a fusion of chiropractic adjustment and physical therapy. Keith not only addresses pain and misalignment but the muscle inadequacies that led to it. After 4 visits I feel I have a much better understanding around the pain I experience - not just how to relieve it, but how to prevent it.

- Holly E.

The Progression from Pain 2 Performance.

Step 1: Assessment
What skills and abilities need to be addressed?
Step 2: Therapy
How do we work on acquiring those skills and abilities?
Step 3: Training
Turning your greatest weaknesses into your greatest strengths.

Become Resilient and Reach Your Full Potential

Don't let pain or plateas prevent your progress!

Request a consult to discuss the best ways to reach your goals!


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